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The undergraduates who entered Trinity College (Hartford, CT) with the class of 1970 helped shape an era of social change and political upheaval within the United States and beyond. Some students challenged authority, including that of faculty and administrators. Others mobilized student opinion for national political causes and elevated their awareness of social injustice. Some fought against the idea that the college was merely a club for aspiring professionals. Still, a good number of members of the class of 1970 refrained from direct involvement in student protests, or simply focused on the academic studies and social aspirations which may have brought them to Trinity in the first place. 

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Montage Images of Class of 1970

Curator:  Dr. Eric C. Stoykovich, Trinity College, Archivist and Manuscript Librarian, Watkinson Library

Exhibit:  Celebrate the Trinity Class of 1970!

Format: Digital only


First made public:  July 20, 2020

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