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Preface and Acknowledgments

Bringing together materials from the Trinity College Archives and the Trinity Digital RepositoryCelebrate the Trinity Class of 1970! seeks to present stories of the Class of 1970 that include the distinct and the mundane; the activist and the non-activist; the soldier who went to Vietnam, the conscientious objector who served at home, and the opponent of war who protested the presence of the United States in southeast Asia. The goal is to inspire, educate, and transform historical understanding of the class which celebrates its 50th Reunion in 2020. 

The following selected documentsincluding first-ever digital copies of the 1970 Commencement Program and a photograph (by Hartford photographer David Ploss) of a student-led gathering to demand the hiring of Professor Chuck Stonetell just a portion of the stories of the Class of 1970.

To help fill gaps in the Trinity College Archives, this Digital Exhibit provides an opportunity for the preservation of increased and more inclusive documentation on the Class of 1970. Should members of the class of 1970 wish to reflect further on their time at Trinity and their lives thereafter, they are encouraged to submit digital stories, personal images, images from past reunions, and other remembrances through the Contribute an Item page.

Please note that submitted items may be preserved by the Trinity College Archives. Some items may be reposted solely in this digital exhibit; others may be discarded at the discretion of the College Archivist.

For physical items, please make sure to contact the Trinity College Archivist at the Watkinson Library before sending items in the mail.



Thanks go to Richard Turk '70 for his assistance in locating a few images of Class of '70 reunions, and to Julie Cloutier for assistance with research on David S. Gilbert '70.

The Curator of this digital-only Exhibit also notes that his predecessor's book (Peter J. Knapp, with Anne H. Knapp, Trinity College in the Twentieth Century, Hartford: Trinity College, 2000), particularly "Chapter VI: Currents of Change," was used in the preparation of the contextual apparatus of this exhibit.