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John Josselyn, active 1630-1675 1674
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Charles Ives (1874-1954) 1922
Trinity Ivy 1970_p. 17_leaping football catch, identified as John Warmbold '70.PNG

The photographer was Ryan Kuhn '70, then serving on the Trinity College Yearbook Committee, which produced the Trinity Ivy at that time. Fall 1969
Len Schneider '70 attends Vassar College in spring 1969 on exchange

The Daily Record (Long Branch, NJ); The Trinity Tripod; Vassar College administration
Photograph, Trinity College, New Freshmen, hauling furniture, class of 1970, Tripod 1966-09-13.JPG

The Trinity Tripod (student newspaper) September 13, 1966
Trinity College, Freshman Executive Council, Welcome Letter, August 1966.JPG

Freshman Executive Council, Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut) August 1966
The Freshman Convocation (September 15, 1966), program.JPG

Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut) September 14, 1966-September 19, 1966
Activities Night flier, part 1.JPG

Mather Hall Board of Governors, Trinity College (Hartford, CT) September 13, 1966-September 17, 1966
Festival Program.JPG

The Trinity College Orchestra, with Director Baird Hastings March 7, 1968
Photo-montage of Trinity students at Plattsburgh, The Ivy 1920, pp. 145.PNG

Unidentified photographer, likely employed or hired by United States Army 1918
March along Long Walk, Sunday Service 1918.jpg

Trinity College and unidentified photographer 1918
Trinity College Honor Roll (World War I)_title.jpg

Trinity College Alumni Council 1918
Trinity Tripod 1918-11-05, Bill Duffy Challenged by the Guard.PNG

Trinity Tripod, Trinity College, and unidentified photographer November 1, 1918-November 5, 1918
King, Aubrey G., died of flu.jpg

Trinity College and unidentified photographer 1918-1919
Wright, Arthur H. - died of flu.jpg

Trinity College and unidentified photographer 1918-1919
Huggard, George S., died of flu.jpg

President Flavel S. Luther, Trinity College, and unidentified photographer 1918-1919
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