Letter from the Rev. Ernest Stires, D.D. '01

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Letter from the Rev. Ernest Stires, D.D. '01


Trinity College and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918


Aside from the S.A.T.C. incident, the College’s Board also saw a Trinity churchman and fellow Trustee called to action. The Right Reverend Ernest Milmore Stires, D.D.’01, was an Episcopal priest and later the 3rd Bishop of Long Island. In 1920, Stires tendered his resignation from the Board of Trustees in what appears to have been a response to his duties serving on a committee of appointments for the Episcopal Church beset by influenza concerns.

The Board never acted upon his proffered resignation and Stires appears to have remained on the Board. Stires penned his letter to the Board on May 25, 1920, remarking that it has “been a keen disappointment to me that the inflexible character of previous engagements have so far prevented my attendance upon the meetings of the Trustees of Trinity College. Although I dreaded such conditions when I accepted the distinction of election, yet I never dreamed that the fact would be more serious than my fear.” Those “previous engagements,” which prompted Stires to miss board meetings in 1919, are illumined in the Journal of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Stires served on a “Joint Commission on the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution Providing for the Election and Consecration of a Suffragan Bishop for a Province.” That commission, the Journal reports, was also responsible for procedure in appointments and consecrations generally and, “on account of the epidemic of Influenza prevailing,” ultimately delayed the consecration of the Rev. Henry Beard Delany, D.D., Suffragan Bishop-elect for North Carolina.


Ernest Stires, D.D. '01


Trinity College Digital Repository


Watkinson Library and Trinity College Archives, Trinity College (Hartford, CT)


May 25, 1920




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Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut; Episcopal Church


Ernest Stires, D.D. '01, “Letter from the Rev. Ernest Stires, D.D. '01,” Watkinson Library - Virtual Museum, accessed July 21, 2024, https://watkinsonlibrary.omeka.net/items/show/8.

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