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Trinity College and Influenza Pandemic of 1918 - Exhibit
A photograph of the Students' Army Training Corps (S.A.T.C.), which formed on Trinity's campus during World War I and was subject to a campus quarantine in October 1918 during the influenza.

Tripod_1966-09-20_front page.PNG
About: Steven Anderson, James S. Bernardoni, Philip J. Davis, Jeffrey C. Green, Oscar J. Harm III, Charles R. Hosking, Christopher H. Kapilla, Jeffrey Morrow, Charles T. Sager, Brian Taylor, Steven Tody, James Tonsgard, John Warmbold, Eric Aasen,…

Reporter_1966-Fall, p. 12.PNG
About: Paul F. McAloon, Gary R. Cahoon, William H. Muden, Eugene L. Newell, Michael J. Oghliger, Gerard R. Rucci, John M. Verre, Eric E. Aasen, Kevin B. Anderson, David H. Bamberger, Harold Z. Bencowitz, Howard K. Gilbert, Jack N. Hale, Rodney F.…

Reporter_1966-Fall, p31 (photo).PNG
About: Dan Andrus, Peter Brinckerhoff, Larry Hawkins, Patrick Mitchell, Jeff Sturgess, Dusty Miller, John Bonee, Dave Gilbert, Bob Baker, Alan Farnell, James Webber, Witter Brooke

Rpt. of the President, 1965-66, p.7-8.PNG
About: Christopher Lees, Keith Charles Pye, and Martin H. Williams

Student Taught Courses_Trin Alum Mag_Spring 1970.PNG
About: Kevin B. Anderson, Hugo J. Luke, Roberta Russell, Christopher Lees, Abdillahi Haji, and others

Class Notes_October 1970.JPG
About: Ed Yeterian, Randolph Friedman, John Grzeskiewicz, Pete Anderson, Bob Duncan, David Angelica, Bob Francks, Warren Tanghe, Dick Wyland, Dave Gilbert, Alan Farnell, Dix Leeson, Ernie Mattei, Duncan Smith, Tom Sager, Joe Barkley, Howard James,…

Class Notes_February 1971
About: Joseph A. Barkley III, Mark Burnham, Clifford L. Neuman, Peter R. Starke, Andrew F. Stewart, Harry Baetjar, Michael Chamish, John C. Chapin, Jr., Robert N. Davis, Jr., Jerry Milbank, Daniel J. Reilert, Witter Brooke, James Petersen. With note…
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