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Len Schneider '70 attends Vassar College in spring 1969 on exchange
Collection of three items related to the Vassar-Colgate-Williams-Trinity exchange program.

Prior to matriculating female students in fall 1969, Trinity participated in an exchange program with Vassar College, an all-women's school in…

Spanfluenza Tablets Advertisement.png
The influenza seems to have inspired many quack medicines as an easy solution. This advertisement in the Courant demonstrates that various products would have been available to Trinity students around 1918.

Trinity Men Must Stay on Campus (Courant).png
The Hartford Courant, too, reported that “members of the Trinity College S.A.T.C. have been ordered to remain upon the college grounds until further notice because of the epidemic of Spanish influenza in the city.” It wasn’t clear if other members of…

In 2020, John Bonee '70 (shown at the center of the photo), provided this description:

"This picture was from the 1969 yearbook. It shows me, [John Bonee], in the spring of ‘69 about to be invested/initiated into the Society of Bacchus for my…

Peter C. Meacham_photo_1966.PNG
Collection of archival documents, college publications, and photographs related to Peter C. Meacham (class of 1970).

First Sunday Under S.A.T.C. (The Trinity Tripod).png
The Tripod first announced in its October 8, 1918 edition that by an “official order published on Saturday, October 4, all S.A.T.C. men were restricted to the college grounds until further notice as a necessary precaution to prevent possibility of…

Rev. Robert S. Hooper '15 Obituary (For the Trinity Tripod).jpg
The Tripod also covered briefly the deaths of several alumni, reporting on Hamersley in October 1918, as well as Rev. Robert S. Hooper ’15, who was “stricken with influenza, which quickly developed into a fatal attack of pneumonia” on October 6.

"Quarantine Lifted": An Extract from the Trinity Tripod
"Quarantine Lifted": an extract from the Trinity Tripod of November 5, 1918, reporting the end of the College's October quarantine. While the "influenza ban, which had restricted members of the S.A.T.C. [Students’ Army Training Camp] to the college…

Trinity Tripod 10.15.1918.jpg
The Tripod reported on Hamersley’s passing, recalling his “steady character and great ability—a fine example of a Christian gentleman and a Trinity man” and noting that he had been Secretary of the Board of Fellows of the College.

The Trinity Tripod 11.19.18.png
There were also impacts on the scholarly pursuits of students as a corollary of the pandemic. According to the Tripod, the College’s library saw an increase in attendance during the month of October 1918, with 2,750 visits versus 1,609 the year…

De McCarthy Last to Be Discharged (The Trinity Tripod).png
The Tripod also reported that one of the College’s S.A.T.C. members had been stricken with the influenza several months later: in January 1919, Paul de McCarthy had “not yet received his discharge” as he was “at the Hartford Hospital recovering from…

Prominent Physician Dies of Influenza (The Trinity Tripod).png
Dr. Jerome G. Atkinson, another alumni, was among the last Trinity men reported to die of influenza according to his obituary in the Tripod in April 1920.

Tripod_1966-09-20_front page.PNG
About: Steven Anderson, James S. Bernardoni, Philip J. Davis, Jeffrey C. Green, Oscar J. Harm III, Charles R. Hosking, Christopher H. Kapilla, Jeffrey Morrow, Charles T. Sager, Brian Taylor, Steven Tody, James Tonsgard, John Warmbold, Eric Aasen,…

Includes mention of President Theodore Lockwood; Senate President Steven H. Keeney '71.

Photograph, Trinity College, New Freshmen, hauling furniture, class of 1970, Tripod 1966-09-13.JPG
Photograph depicts Henry David Burke '70 (far left) and Jay (William John) Millard III '70 carry a trunk labeled "Fragile," while O. Joseph Harm III '70 (left, second row) and Alex Belida '70 (right, second row) carry cinder blocks. Accompanies…

Reporter_1966-Fall, p. 12.PNG
About: Paul F. McAloon, Gary R. Cahoon, William H. Muden, Eugene L. Newell, Michael J. Oghliger, Gerard R. Rucci, John M. Verre, Eric E. Aasen, Kevin B. Anderson, David H. Bamberger, Harold Z. Bencowitz, Howard K. Gilbert, Jack N. Hale, Rodney F.…

Reporter_1966-Fall, p31 (photo).PNG
About: Dan Andrus, Peter Brinckerhoff, Larry Hawkins, Patrick Mitchell, Jeff Sturgess, Dusty Miller, John Bonee, Dave Gilbert, Bob Baker, Alan Farnell, James Webber, Witter Brooke
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