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Off_Campus Doorknobs.pdf
Trinity antique artifacts found off -campus.

Final Schedule of Homecoming Events

Trinity Ivy Pictures Explained_RT.pdf
About: Trinity Ivy commentary, Peter Orgain, Steve Bauer, Ryan Kuhn, Richard Turk

Unidentified Photos in a group of the 1968 Sit-In and Demonstration Stills

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Pantalone, Joseph J._photo_ca. 1970.jpg
Collection of newspaper clippings, college publications, and photographs related to Joseph J. Pantalone (class of 1970).

Trinity Class of 1970 - Exhibit in Watkinson Library Virtual Museum
(Top Left): Sumner (Chuck) Stone—the John T. Dorrance Visiting Professor in Government—and students in a classroom, Trinity College (Hartford, CT), fall 1969 (Top Right): Stuart Hamilton '70 operating a Liquid Scintillation Counter, Life Sciences…

Page from Smellie's A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Midwifery in which he advocates use of the forceps in delivering children

A page from Blackstone's commentary on the laws of England in which Blackstone discusses changes in the enforcement of laws prohibiting pre-marital sex.

Title page of Blackstone's commentary on the laws of England

Exhibit of items returned to campus over the years

Colonel Cowles and his Staff, Trin Bulletin, pp. 8 and 9.jpg
James F. Lucey, Personnel Adjutant, was from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Before joining the S.A.T.C. Training Camps in Plattsburgh, Frederick Bauer attended the State Agricultural School at Storrs; Lewis E. Crook attended the Georgia School of…

GeoffBenBryant-Trinity66 (2016_05_17 14_34_02 UTC).jpg
In February 2021, Geoff Frank '70 (shown at right), provided this description: "This is a picture of Geoff Frank '70 (right) and Ben Bryant, who matriculated with the class of 1970 but disappeared (as far as I know) after he got a low draft number. …

Reunion Parade with Bantam REV.jpeg
This is a more encompassing scan of the original photographic print.
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