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Handbook and Catalogue available to Trinity Class of 1970 in their freshman year

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About: Tom B. Ewing, Alan R. Gladstone, David P. Wolff, B. Curtis Wilcox, Tony DiBela, Steven Bauer

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About: Paul F. McAloon, Gary R. Cahoon, William H. Muden, Eugene L. Newell, Michael J. Oghliger, Gerard R. Rucci, John M. Verre, Eric E. Aasen, Kevin B. Anderson, David H. Bamberger, Harold Z. Bencowitz, Howard K. Gilbert, Jack N. Hale, Rodney F.…

De McCarthy Last to Be Discharged (The Trinity Tripod).png
The Tripod also reported that one of the College’s S.A.T.C. members had been stricken with the influenza several months later: in January 1919, Paul de McCarthy had “not yet received his discharge” as he was “at the Hartford Hospital recovering from…

Includes mention of President Theodore Lockwood; Senate President Steven H. Keeney '71.

First Sunday Under S.A.T.C. (The Trinity Tripod).png
The Tripod first announced in its October 8, 1918 edition that by an “official order published on Saturday, October 4, all S.A.T.C. men were restricted to the college grounds until further notice as a necessary precaution to prevent possibility of…

The Trinity Tripod 11.19.18.png
There were also impacts on the scholarly pursuits of students as a corollary of the pandemic. According to the Tripod, the College’s library saw an increase in attendance during the month of October 1918, with 2,750 visits versus 1,609 the year…

Budget for 1920.png
The College’s budget of June 18, 1920 affords insight into the medical preparedness of Trinity: there was $50.00 allocated for “medical supplies” and $3,500 and $1,800 apportioned for the salaries of a Medical Director and Assistant Medical Director,…
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