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Hamersley Pandemic Merged.jpg
The Bulletin’s necrology for 1918-1919 reported the deaths of five alumni, the most prominent of which was William James Hamersley ’09 of Old Saybrook, late of Hartford. Hamersley was a Hartford attorney for the Connecticut General Life Insurance…

Trinity College, Freshman Executive Council, Welcome Letter, August 1966.JPG
Letter written and distributed to entering freshmen of the Trinity Class of 1970

Article_Winter-Spring 1999_a.PNG
Includes "Trinity band achieves cult status -- 30 years later" by Peter Hartman '71," and A Brief History of the American Blues Exchange," featuring Dale Reed '70 by T. Roger Briggs '71.

Trinity Ivy Pictures Explained_RT.pdf
About: Trinity Ivy commentary, Peter Orgain, Steve Bauer, Ryan Kuhn, Richard Turk

The Freshman Convocation (September 15, 1966), program.JPG
Collection of three printed items related to the opening of the "Christmas Term, 1966" for Trinity College (Hartford, CT), including the 144th Matriculation and Book ceremonies

Activities Night flier, part 1.JPG
Collection of two printed fliers from the Mather Hall Board of Governors, related to Activities Night (September 13, 1966) and Open House (September 17, 1966)

Len Schneider '70 attends Vassar College in spring 1969 on exchange
Collection of three items related to the Vassar-Colgate-Williams-Trinity exchange program.

Prior to matriculating female students in fall 1969, Trinity participated in an exchange program with Vassar College, an all-women's school in…

Reunion Parade with Bantam REV.jpeg
This is a more encompassing scan of the original photographic print.

Trinity College Honor Roll (World War I)_title.jpg
Collection of ephemera and a letter written or produced by C.A. Johnson, Alumni Secretary, and distributed to alumni by the Trinity College Alumni Council.

The group is meetingin front of Jarvis Hall early during the walk about with guide Tony DiBella '70

Chapel Evening Oct 2021.jpg
Trinity College Chapel, in the evening, with Reunion tents in the foreground

Think 55_.mp4
Celebrate our 55th reunion. Music Memories CD- Charley, Paul, Danny and Peter; "Who Knows Where the Time Goes", Judy Collins (1968)
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